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IMBA Joins Sen. Udall in Heralding Kids to Parks Day

For Immediate Release 5-17-2012

Udall Staff Contact: Mike Saccone at 202-224-4334
IMBA Staff Contact Mark Eller at 303-545-9011

Colorado Senator Mark Udall has heralded the passage of a bipartisan resolution to honor the second annual National Kids to Parks Day on May 19, when adults can model healthy, active lifestyles to children by taking them to parks. Udall introduced the resolution earlier this week.

Udall has long supported legislation that improves outdoor recreation, both in Colorado and nationally. He and his staff work with IMBA on important initiatives, including the passage of the summer activities bill and a promising new approach to land protection in Colorado.

"In another life, I was a mountain guide for Outward Bound, leading groups of kids and adults into Colorado's expansive wilderness. As Colorado's senior senator, I continue to encourage today's kids to spend more time outside. There's no better place than our national parks to connect kids to nature and to teach them about our unique culture and history," Udall said. "National Kids to Parks Day is a great opportunity for parents to inspire active and healthy lifestyles, while building the next generation of American stewards to enjoy and protect our nation's special places."

Last year, Udall launched his National Kids to Parks initiative by introducing a resolution to honor the inaugural National Kids to Parks Day and encouraging Coloradans to make the Kids to Parks Pledge. Throughout the year, Udall held events across the state to help get kids excited about getting outdoors.

As chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee's National Parks Subcommittee and co-chairman of the bipartisan Senate Outdoor Recreation Caucus, Udall is committed to engaging younger generations with the outdoors. National Kids to Parks Day has the support of the First Lady's "Let's Move Outside!" and Department of the Interior's "Youth in the Great Outdoors" initiatives.