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Red-Hot Winter Specials at the IMBA Store

For Immediate Release 11-22-2011
Contact: Wendy Kerr
IMBA E-Commerce & Development Coordinator
303-545-9011 ext. 113

With all the great trail successes IMBA had in 2011, we wanted to celebrate. So, you'll find several awesome holiday gift items on IMBA's online store. And, since red is the most festive of colors, all of these items share a seasonal shading.

All of our "red hot" items feature 15-percent off normal pricing — and that's in addition to the 10-percent discount that members always enjoy (so long as your membership is current and you're logged into the store when you buy). Just use this coupon code at checkout: 15PRH2011

Happy shopping! Red tag items include:

Mens western shirt

Dog Collar ripcord skull cap - red womens western1
Hoody - red Western jersey Jersey Topo red womens western2

Don't forget to login to the store before you buy!