Skip to Navigation Surpasses 10,000 Miles of Online Mountain Bike Rides, Offers Free Smart Phone Apps and Widgets

For Immediate Release 6-28-2013
Contact: Mark Eller
IMBA Communications Director
303-545-9011 ext. 115

With major support provided by Shimano, IMBA has rolled out a number of online mapping services in 2013. Topping the list is a new partnership with the website This robust platform displays the known trails in any given area, complete with elevation profiles, full GPS routes, photos, detailed ride descriptions and more. It's free to use and does not require a subscription.

Introduced to the general public in May, the site has quickly become a favorite resource for the mountain bike community. Growth statistics include:

  • Well over 10,000 miles of documented mountain bike routes
  • More than 2,600 high-quality photos
  • Local experts have submitted more than 400 recommended rides
  • Features an additional 1,700+ trails
  • Nearly 2,500 registered users

Users can download GPS data for any trail, and mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android make it easy to navigate from your phone, even without a cell signal. Recently, MTB Project released its free trail widget, allowing web developers to display MTB Project content on other sites for free.

The quantity of information at is growing at a rapid pace, but the quality of the trail descriptions is even more impressive. IMBA and MTB Project staff members review every user-submitted entry to ensure that documented routes are legal to ride, mapped correctly and described with accuracy and attention to detail.

“We’ve set the bar pretty high for the site’s content,” said Leslie Kehmeier, IMBA’s full-time mapping specialist. “There are other mapping resources that allow users to quickly post a trail review or display some map data. It takes a bigger commitment to document a trail at MTB Project, but the tradeoff is that visitors are richly rewarded. Our goal is to create the best place on the web to find new places to ride and plan successful outings.”

Nick Wilder, the site’s co-founder and lead developer, said, “All of us remember what it was like to be new to riding and wondering where to find the perfect trail. And, even experienced riders benefit from the insights that local experts can provide. We’ve also built the pages to give recognition to the local groups, like IMBA’s chapters and clubs — as well as retail shops and land managers — that create, support and maintain the places we all ride.”

Users who add content to earn points for their submissions. “We have several users on the site who have already accumulated more than 1,000 points,” said Wilder. "We’re planning on adding contests and rewards for high point earners in the near future.”