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IMBA Launches ‘Dig In,’ Women-Focused MTB Blog

For Immediate Release 07-25-2014
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IMBA Communications Manager
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IMBA has launched a women-focused mountain bike blog, Dig In. Dig In’s vision is to be both an educational and entertaining resource where female mountain bikers can share valuable experiences, engage in meaningful discussions, and encourage and entice other riders in a way that ultimately promotes the growth of the sport.

“This is great for mountain biking. IMBA is demonstrating that it’s not just a demographically narrow cross-section of the population who is passionate about the experience,” said Mike Van Abel, IMBA Executive Director. “One of the healthiest things we can do nationally and locally to grow trail access and mountain bike participation, is show that mountain biking and advocacy are being led by—and are accessible and welcoming to—a broad spectrum of men and women.”

IMBA is well-positioned to offer such a resource thanks to a strong brand and 26-year history of advocacy and education work, plus a large number of female staff members and strong connections both to female leaders in the bicycle industry and female leaders of local mountain bike groups. Drawing from such a vast base of knowledge and diversity of experiences will provide endless opportunities to inform readers, build community, and spur much-needed discussion.

The July 15, 2014, issue of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRAIN) reported that women are the fastest-growing demographic in outdoor recreation (Outdoor Industry Association) and brands are seeing large increases in mountain bike sales to women. And, as BRAIN notes, women have more spending power than ever, lessening the financial barrier to getting into mountain biking and enabling them to buy more expensive bicycles. Interest in enduro and downhill are on the rise, as skilled women riders seek new challenges.

Ultimately, as more women become mountain bikers—and as more women become strong, skilled riders with the desire to purchase quality bikes—they're going to want more and higher-quality mountain biking experiences. IMBA and its 156 chapters nationwide offer the ideal avenue for connecting these riders to their communities to discover new opportunities for riding, skills clinics and social gatherings, and to get involved improving trail access and trail options.

With twice-per-week posts (usually on Mondays and Thursdays) written by a variety of female mountain bikers, Dig In will help broaden and demystify mountain biking, offering every woman rider the opportunity to find a home in the diverse community of riders and trail advocates.

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