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Primal Gives Back with Custom IMBA Jersey Program

For Immediate Release 3-2-2012

Contact Mark Eller
IMBA Communications Director
303-545-9011 ext. 115

IMBA has teamed up with Primal Wear to offer special pricing on semi-custom jerseys for IMBA chapters and fully custom jerseys for affiliated clubs.

The program will generate funds for participating organizations. For each jersey purchased, chapters will receive $10 and IMBA will receive $1; clubs will receive $5 and IMBA will receive $5. Donations allocated to IMBA will go toward the Trail Building Fund.

The price for clubs is $70 per fully-custom jersey with a minimum order of 15. The price for chapters is $60 per fully-custom jersey and $50 per semi-custom jersey with a minimum order of 15 for each.

Chapters and clubs can choose from a variety of colors, designs and cuts, from baggy jerseys to women's jerseys.

Ordering questions should be directed to Primal Wear at 1-800-275-6953.

About Primal Wear

Primal Wear, founded in 1992 by avid cyclists, manufactures highly technical and authentic cycling apparel and some of the most recognizable jerseys in the world. Primal Wear has stayed true to its grassroots culture while steadily growing its customer base by providing branded and custom clothing to hundreds of thousands of cyclists every year from around the globe. As a company of die-hard cyclists committed to improving the sport, and designers dedicated to innovation and creativity, Primal Wear keeps in touch with the soul of the sport and its business.