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DirtBaggies Teams With IMBA to Reward Sweat Equity

For Immediate Release 6-26-2013
Contact: Mark Eller
IMBA Communications Director
303-545-9011 ext. 115

Great trails don't maintain themselves, so please invest some sweat equity in the land by helping your local IMBA chapter build and maintain the trails we all ride. DirtBaggies will reward involvement in trail work by offering significant discounts on their highly acclaimed, made in SoCal, baggy-bib MTB shorts.

To qualify for the discount, all you have to do is complete a day's trail work and collect a DirtBaggies Builder Discount from your IMBA chapter's trail work event coordinator.

Check out an online calendar of IMBA trail work events.

More About DirtBaggies: DirtBaggies are a system of bib shorts to which baggy shorts are tethered, relieving abdominal pressure and allowing more generous padding than traditional baggies to bring unsurpassed comfort to baggy short-wearing mountain bikers. DirtBaggies have patent pending in multiple nations.

Contact DirtBaggies: info [at] DirtBaggies [dot] com | | facebook/DirtBaggies | twitter/DirtBaggies