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IMBA and CST Tires Trail Builder Program

For Immediate Release 2-25-2014
Contact: rod [dot] judd [at] imba [dot] com (Rod Judd)
Membership Manager
303-545-9011 ext. 119

IMBA and corporate member CST Tires are pleased to announce the return of an enhanced program for 2014 to support volunteer trailbuilders via IMBA chapters.

The CST Trail Builder Program will provide complementary CST tires to volunteer events in the IMBA network (while supplies last). Tires will be distributed via IMBA to randomly selected chapters that complete an online survey.

Chapter representatives must submit this form. Tires will be shipped in August-September 2014 after all applications are assessed, and recipients of tires randomly selected. Representatives are also encouraged to register their events on IMBA's Teaming for Trails web pages.

"CST is proud to support IMBA and its efforts to provide great trails to cyclists around the world. We're happy to reward all the volunteers that build, maintain and advocate for trails," said Nate Hamilton, marketing specialist for CST.

"We are excited for this program that recognizes the hard work of IMBA affiliates and volunteers," said Rich Cook, IMBA's development director. "It aligns perfectly with our goal to recruit volunteers and provide incentives to those who care for and build trails around the country."

IMBA, the largest mountain bike advocacy organization in the world, has more than 750 affiliated chapters and clubs spread across the United States, Canada and around the globe. Support from CST and 170 other corporate members has helped IMBA foster relationships with government land managers and local communities to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide.