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IMBA and CST Tires Trail Builder Program

For Immediate Release 2-27-2015

Contact: Sallie Hoefer, Chapter Services Manager
sallie [dot] hoefer [at] imba [dot] com / 303-545-9011

IMBA and corporate partner CST Tires have partnered again in 2016 on a longstanding program that offers free tires to IMBA chapters for use in rewarding and incentivizing volunteer trailbuilders. 

IMBA Region Directors will distribute tires throughout their regions to encourage chapter growth and reward volunteer stewardship. 

IMBA, the largest mountain bike advocacy organization in the world, has more than 200 chapters and hundreds of supporting organizations across the United States, Canada and around the globe. Support from CST Tires and 170 other corporate members has helped IMBA foster relationships with government land managers and local communities to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide.