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Conservation Alliance Awards $45,000 Grant to IMBA

For Immediate Release 4-9-2013
Contact Mark Eller
IMBA Communications Director
303-545-9011 ext. 115

The Conservation Alliance recently awarded a $45,000 grant to IMBA for ongoing work in Colorado’s central mountains. Through the Public Lands Initiative Colorado Central Mountains campaign, IMBA is collaborating with the conservation community, other recreation groups and lawmakers to find enduring land protection strategies, including both Wilderness and designations that allow for mountain biking.

The Conservation Alliance gave a similar grant to IMBA in 2011. That $20,000 grant focused on Colorado’s White River National Forest, with the goal of finding federal designations that can act as companions to Wilderness protections, both in the White River, and in land protection packages around the United States.

“These generous grants are perfectly aligned with IMBA’s overall land protection strategy,” said Mike Van Abel, the group’s executive director. “Mountain bikers care deeply about protecting natural areas, and we know that Wilderness designations are a proven way to accomplish that goal. But we also know that companion designations that allow for mountain bike access can also effectively protect public lands — by combining Wilderness with companion designations we can help create proposals that gain broad support.”

"IMBA is pioneering an effort to constructively bring mountain bike voices to bear on public land conservation efforts," said John Sterling, Executive Director of The Conservation Alliance. "This initiative will help protect Wilderness, and also lands — open to bicycling — that would otherwise not be protected at all. We're proud to support this effort in a manner that is good for both conservation and recreation."

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