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Colorado Mountain Bike Groups Planning for Trail Repairs

For Immediate Release 9-27-2013
Contact Mark Eller
IMBA Communications Director
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The waters from Colorado’s historic floods have retreated, but not before taking a devastating toll on lives, homes and infrastructure across the Front Range. First and foremost, IMBA and local cycling groups are focusing on the people (and animals) who are still coping with the aftermath of the storm, including several IMBA staff members who were displaced from their homes.

While repairing recreational facilities is not a top priority at this moment, Colorado cycling groups have begun planning efforts for trail restoration projects in the weeks and months ahead. Land managing agencies are currently assessing the damage and only a few volunteer-based trail repair events have been scheduled.

Check these websites for information about trail closures and upcoming trail repair events:

Additional information about volunteer opportunities can be found on agency websites, including:

"Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is in contact with all the local land management agencies regarding flood damage to trails and open space,” said BMA president Mimi Mather. “We've reassured the agencies that we're here to help when they are ready for us. While the land managers assess the damage we've been rallying the volunteer troops. We have a impressive number of volunteers ready to pitch in and we anticipate some large trail projects taking place later this fall."

Jason Bertolacci, IMBA’s Region Director for Colorado and Wyoming, met with senior managers in Jefferson County this week. “We anticipate a historic opportunity to bring mountain bikers, members of the bike industry and land managers together to restore and even improve trails," said Bertolacci. "But for the moment we need to be patient. Please respect trail closures as everything is in a very fragile state. Even for trails that have been reopened we are beginning to see additional damage from people riding and walking around puddles — I urge everyone to stay on the established trail surface and tread as lightly as possible.”