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IMBA Partnership With Bureau of Land Management Results in Purpose-Built Trails

Contact: Mark Eller

IMBA Communications Director

303-545-9011 ext. 115

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Shoshone Field Office (ID) recently finished two trails projects specifically designed and built for mountain bikers. "Punchline, the premier project, is like no other trail in the valley, and possibly the region," said BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner John Kurtz. "It's a 1.3-mile flow trail offering a unique experience where each turn links into the next; each jump has a durable, safe and confidence-inspiring landing, and each raised feature is placed in a location that 'flows' with the trail leading into it."

Watch a video of IMBA's Randy Spangler riding Punchline.

“The BLM has emerged as one of IMBA’s top partners in creating the next generation of mountain biking trails on public lands,” says Chris Bernhardt, IMBA’s Director of Consulting Services.

Watch a video that highlights similar IMBA/BLM projects in California and Oregon.

Punchline allows for a variety of skill levels but it’s designed for more intermediate to advanced riders.  As IMBA’s Tony Boone states, “This is a fantastic all-mountain trail incorporating some cross country trail leading to technical rock features that transition into two flow sections that command your attention.”  The one-way trail is best accessed from the Croy Creek Trailhead.

Another nearby trail project involved rerouting 0.5 miles of the Two Dog trail. "The reroute provides a more sustainable and user-friendly trail from Democrat gulch to the Croy trail network," Kurtz said.

The BLM established an Assistance Agreement with IMBA to assist with construction. They provided three of the best trail builders in the country that specialize in constructing flow trails. The BLM brought in Tom McCown, a BLM employee out of Hollister, California, to help with construction. "Tom, a skilled trail builder, used a Sweco trail dozer to build and shape the initial trail tread and features," Kurtz said.

“We are very fortunate to be working with the BLM to help put the finishing touches on the Croy trail network," said Bernhardt. "The BLM is setting the standard for bike-specific trails on federal lands, and the Croy trail network is a national model for other communities where wildlands interface with heavy recreation use. We are proud of our partnership with the BLM.”

The construction project was paid for by revenue generated from BLM Special Recreation Permit fees. See the new Blaine County Recreation District Trails and Pathways website for maps and detailed information regarding these trails.