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IMBA and CLIF Bar Announce 2011 Trail Grants

For Immediate Release: 2-2-2011

Contact: Mark Eller

IMBA Communications Director

303-545-9011 ext. 115

markeller [at] imba [dot] com

IMBA and CLIF Bar are pleased to announce the 2011 IMBA/CLIF Bar Trail Preservation Grants to support projects that preserve and enhance trail access, promote environmental education and inspire conservation in the mountain bicycling community.

Ten $500 grants will be awarded to IMBA affiliated clubs that meet the project criteria.

The application deadline is April 1, 2011.

“Small grants like this are often the catalyst that can spark a much larger project and fundraising effort — the Clif Bar IMBA Trail Preservation Grants have inspired dozens of sustainably designed trails all over the country,” said IMBA Development Director, Rich Cook.

Learn more about IMBA's grant programs.

IMBA, the largest mountain bike advocacy organization in the world, has over 750 affiliated clubs in all 50 states and seven countries. Support from CLIF Bar and 170 other corporate members, have helped IMBA foster relationships with government land managers and local communities to create, enhance and preserve great trail experiences for mountain biking and a multitude of trail users.

A leading maker of all-natural energy and nutrition foods, CLIF Bar & Co. has been an Above-and-Beyond IMBA corporate member since 1995, and has donated nearly $200,000 and more than 100,000 CLIF Bars to support IMBA volunteer stewardship and environmental service projects.