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IMBA Affiliated Chapters and Supporting Organizations

IMBA's hundreds of chapters and clubs form a grassroots network of riders around the world. These organizations build and maintain trails, organize social events, clinics and rides. They also work with local government representatives, land agencies and businesses to improve and protect riding areas.

A local group can affiliate with IMBA as a stand alone club or as an IMBA chapter. Chapters have taken the next step in aligning with IMBA and unifying a world wide mountain biking movement. These organziations are more closely connected to IMBA and have an increased level of support for sustaining the local group's infrastructure including joint membership, e.g., the chapter's members are also automatically members of IMBA.

Find a local chapter or club near you...

Chapter/Groupsort icon Website City, State
SORBA West Georgia Hiram, GA US
SORBA Woodstock Woodstock, GA US
South Alabama Mountain Bike Association Mobile, AL US
South Mississippi Trail Alliance Petal, MS US
south West Association of Mountain Pedalers TAMPA, FL US
South West Association of Mountain Pedalers - SWAMP Tampa, FL US
Southeast Alabama Mountainbikers Dothan, AL US
Southeast Georgia SORBA NEVILS, GA US
Southeast Wisconsin Trails Alliance Whitewater, WI US
Southeastern Pennsylvania Trail Riders Woodbury, NJ US
Southern Arizona Mountain Bike Association Tucson, AZ US
Southern Idaho Mountain Biking Association Twin Falls, ID US
Southern Maryland Mountain Biking Lexington Park, MD US
Southern Nevada Mountain Bike Association Las Vegas, NV US
Southern Sierra Fat Tire Association Bakersfield, CA US
Southern Virginia Mountain Bike Association Danville, VA US
Southwest Kentucky Mountain Bike Association Bowling Green, KY US
Southwest Michigan Mountain Bike Association Augusta, MI US
Sport Trails of the Ascutney Basin Brownsville, VT US
Starkville Cycling Club Starkville, MS US
Stillwater Area High School Mountain Bike Team Stillwater, MN US
Stowe Mountain Bike Club Stowe, VT US
Suburban Cyclists Unlimited Horsham, PA US
Sugar Camp Hollow International MTB Association - SCHIMBA Savannah, TN US
Summit Fat Tire Society Breckenridge, CO US