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IMBA Affiliated Chapters and Supporting Organizations

IMBA's hundreds of chapters and clubs form a grassroots network of riders around the world. These organizations build and maintain trails, organize social events, clinics and rides. They also work with local government representatives, land agencies and businesses to improve and protect riding areas.

A local group can affiliate with IMBA as a stand alone club or as an IMBA chapter. Chapters have taken the next step in aligning with IMBA and unifying a world wide mountain biking movement. These organziations are more closely connected to IMBA and have an increased level of support for sustaining the local group's infrastructure including joint membership, e.g., the chapter's members are also automatically members of IMBA.

Find a local chapter or club near you...

Chapter/Group Websitesort icon City, State
Southwest Idaho Mountain Bicycling Association - SWIMBA Boise, ID US
Southwest Michigan Mountain Bike Association Augusta, MI US
Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association South Lake Tahoe, CA US
Tarheel Trailblazers Mooresville, NC US
Team SixOneFour Columbus, OH US
Tehachapi Mountain Trails Association Tehachapi, CA US
San Miguel Bike Alliance Telluride, CO US
Teton Freedom Riders Jackson, WY US
Trips for Kids - Metro New York New York, NY US
Trips for Kids - New Bedford New Bedford, MA US
Dirt Divas Golden, CO US
Tahoe-Pyramid Bikeway Reno, NV US
TRACKS, Inc Lakeside, AZ US
Trail of Legends Association- TOLA Wetumpka, AL US
Trails 2000 Durango, CO US
Trails Have Our Respect Omaha, NE US
Delaware Trail Spinners Newark, DE US
Trailz043 Maastricht Maastricht, NL
Trips for Kids - Full Cycle Providence, RI US
Trips for Kids - UReach Loma Linda, CA US
Trips for Kids - Hot Springs Hot Springs, SD US
Trips for Kids - Rosebud Rosebud, CA US
Trips for Kids - Fryeburg Academy Fryeburg, ME US
Trips for Kids - Black Hills Hill City, SD US
Trips for Kids - RFK West Holyoke, MA US