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Gateway Trails

* Note, IMBA did not recognize any Gateway Trails in 2014.

Gateway Trails position standout facilities in places where lots of people can experience the joy of mountain biking. This trail building style is designed to deliver an enjoyable experience for beginner to intermediate-level riders — you won’t find big jumps or intimidating obstacles on Gateway Trails. Instead, they offer natural surfaces and moderate grades to create a fun, widely accessible introduction to mountain biking.

The professional trail designers and builders on IMBA's Trail Solutions staff have completed dozens of successful Gateway projects. These trails follow our best practices for trail design and construction, so they can withstand heavy traffic and they hold up well in wet weather. All trails require upkeep, however, so IMBA encourages volunteer-based chapters and clubs to help land managers maintain and repair these facilities.

See below for downloadable documents that spell out the criteria IMBA uses to assess Gateway Trails. The quick form offers a preliminary self-evaluation and the chance to request a staff-assisted evaluation based on a more detailed set of criteria.

Photo by Adam Coppola

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