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Bike Park Initiative

The Bike Park Initiative is an IMBA-led project to foster the development, replication and assessment of high quality, sustainable bike park facilities and urban accessible trails across the U.S. Based on the success of Boulder, Colorado's Valmont Bike Park, and other models, the initiative will help U.S. cities enhance their parks and trails infrastructures to reduce barriers to participation and create assets for a healthier community. If you would like information about partnership with the Bike Park Initiative, please contact development [at] imba [dot] com

Also, be sure to order Bike Parks: IMBA's Guide to New School Trails, a comprehensive guide to planning, funding and managing successful facilities.

Current Focus Cities:

The IMBA Bike Park initiative will provide up to $10,000 in planning and design services by IMBA Trail Solutions per grant, to be matched by the applicant. The combined pool of $20,000 will be used to provide technical assistance and create a conceptual site plan and working plan for the proposed bike park. The funds will also be used to advise the applicant on the unique aspects of constructing and maintaining a bike park, including working with the local community stakeholder groups. The intent of this effort is to get high-quality projects initiated through professional design and technical assistance so that the applicant, in conjunction with IMBA’s advocacy network, can quickly proceed through permitting and toward construction.

Selected focus cities will receive significant resources for building purpose-built bike trails, skill development areas and other multi use trails and recreational assets. The initiaive emphasizes knowledge-sharing and collaboration in order to increase public awareness about the benefits that bike parks and trails provide for communities of all sizes.

Application is by invitation, only. If you would like to be involved or for more information, contact your IMBA Regional Director.

Other grants and assistance for bike parks are described here.

What is a Bike Park?

Bike parks are dedicated parks and recreation facilities that include features such as purpose built trails, pump-tracks, flow trails, jumps and progressive skills areas for all ages and abilities. They generally have a comprehensive plan for design, construction, maintenance and programming to insure the long term sustainability of the bike park as a recreation facility in the community. IMBA's  book, Bike Parks: IMBA’s Guide to Creating New-School Riding Facilities provides a valuable resource for anyone interested in fostering a bike park project.

Other Bike Park Examples and Resources:

"Well-designed parks and trails are valued parts of our environment. Research examining the connection between parks, trails, and health has helped identify the value that parks provide to people. Parks and trails can promote physical activity and community engagement; and provide both environmental and mental health benefits. When well-designed, parks have been shown to reduce stress and foster community interaction. They can also protect sensitive lands such as flood plains and steep slopes." (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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