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Model Trails

Once a year, IMBA recognizes outstanding mountain bike trails and locations with the IMBA Model Trail awards. The goal of this program — which encompasses Epics, Flow Trails, Gateway Trails, Community Bike Parks and Ride Centers — is to inspire and inform, so that we can all have more great places to ride.

We are confident that these awardees should go on your short list of riding destinations. These are the trails worth traveling to, the best places to introduce someone to the sport we all love and are the facilities builders and advocates should look to for inspiration. They vary from gorgeous adventures in the backcountry to innovative trail systems located amidst population centers.

Each year, as we add new rides to the IMBA Model Trails roster, the announcement garners solid media attention for the winners, and inspires the unsuccessful candidates to step up their games in hopes of earning future accolades.

Unfortunately, not enough mountain bikers get the chance to experience a Model Trail. What would it mean to your community if there was an IMBA Ride Center within easy riding distance? Would you enjoy taking an afternoon ride on a near-to-town Epic? How about a quick Flow Trail session after work or a Gateway trail where you can introduce your kids to mountain biking for the first time?

We can’t think of anything better, and that’s IMBA’s goal: putting more of these facilities in places where everyone can experience the best the sport has to offer. It’s starting to happen, especially in places where IMBA Region Directors can assist the best new opportunities.

We invite you to explore the IMBA Model Trails, linked at right, and let your imaginations run wild.