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Supporting Organization Membership

While IMBA chapters are our official affiliates in the field, we also welcome a network of more than 650 clubs, event promoters, non-profit organizations, educational programs and patrols.

Supporting Organization membership costs $100 per year for organizations with less than 100 members and $500 per year for organizations with more than 100 members.

Organizations support IMBA's mission to advocate for mountain biking, build and protect mountain biking trails and provide educational outreach. These groups receive great membership benefits and their support is key to our work.

NOTE: There are two ways in which a local group can join with IMBA

  1. As a Chapter. IMBA chapters are most closely connected with IMBA and receive a high level of support for sustaining and improving local mountain biking, including joint membership services. Chapters' members are also members of IMBA.
  2. As a Supporting Organization. A Supporting Organization's members are not necessarily IMBA members; a Supporting Organizations' individual members need to join IMBA separately. The Supporting Organization does not share revenue with IMBA, but may receive some membership benefits.

Three Easy Ways to Join: