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Destination Partner Membership

Lead the trend in mountain bike tourism as an IMBA Destinations partner. IMBA Destinations is category of corporate membership that provides cause-related marketing benefits designed for businesses involved with mountain bike tourism, such as:

Bike Parks ~ Bike Rentals/Shuttles ~ Bike Skills Camps ~ Hotels & Resorts ~ MTB Events ~ Reservation Services ~ Restaurants ~ Ski Areas ~ Tent & RV Camps ~ Tour Operators ~ Tourism Bureaus ~ Trail Areas

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Why Join? Since 1988, IMBA has led the effort to develop great riding experiences and preserve the land on which those experiences depend. Joining IMBA as a Destinations member will not only show your support for the sustainable growth of a sport that your business relies on; it will provide you with valuable resources to enhance your destination marketing and connect your business to our worldwide network of mountain biking enthusiasts, many of whom are planning their next bike trip while you read this.


Benefits - Destination partners receive exposure to a large network of dedicated riders looking for information for their bike-related travel via placement in our Destination partner list and map, as well as tour listings. A supplemental feature is available through Unreasonable Adventures that enables booking trips and tour packages directly on Don’t have your own booking system? This feature can provide one for you.

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Consulting Services - In addition to your membership, IMBA offers consulting services to help you develop your destination.  With over 20 years experience understanding what mountain bikers want, IMBA provides fee-based services to help your business develop strategies to attract and appeal to cyclists via your marketing, website, staff development, community or on-site facilities. From trail development to an effective marketing strategy, IMBA can help. Check out our web resources, books on Managing Mountain Biking, or contact us if you would like to explore our services to enhance your destination.

For more information, please contact us at destinations [at] imba [dot] com or at 303-545-9011.


Spotlight Your Trips With IMBA

Through our partners at Unreasonable Adventures (formerly SWAE Sports), IMBA's web visitors will be able to find your individual trips and book them directly through, as well as many other magazine, hotel, and visitor bureau websites. In the words of Adventure Magazine, "SWAE's systems are something of an Expedia for adventure travel."