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Johnson Pass

Girdwood, Alaska

One of two classic backcountry mountainbike rides in South-Central Alaska with spectacular scenery. The trail tread is mostly fast and flowy, but there are plenty of shorter sections of rock and root gardens. Riding above treeline is limited to a mile or two at the pass, though the rest of the trail is fairly open and scenic. Two lakes at the pass provide an opportunity to cool off and have lunch. This is bear country so be prepared (bell & spray)!

Since this is was traditionally a hiking trail it's for the most part not narrow single track, but a bit wider singletrack. Much of the section along the pass narrows down significantly, which makes for some challenging riding, especially once the vegetation has overgrown the trail. There are a couple of rocky sections, but most of the trail is fast and flowy.

The trail is about 24 miles from trailhead to trailhead with no particularly steep parts no matter which end you start from. Total riding time is typically around 4-6 hours. Either end climbs up more or less gently to the pass and is followed by a fun, slow downhill toward the other end. The trail is suitable for intermediate level riders.