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International Affiliates

IMBA is a worldwide organization, with projects and significant membership in North America, parts of South America, Europe and several Asian nations.

This website primarily serves information about IMBA's programs in the United States. Visit the home pages of IMBA's international affiliates (see menu at right) for more detailed information about our efforts outside the U.S.

Each organization operates independently of IMBA U.S. based on nonprofit rules in their home countries, but they are each part of the IMBA network. Also, there are frequent crossover partnerships: IMBA's U.S. Executive Director serves on the board of IMBA Europe; U.S.- and UK-based IMBA Trail Specialists regularly conduct trail building schools across the world including in Italy, Mexico, Hong Kong and Australia; and the leaders of IMBA Argentina have spent significant time in the U.S. learning from IMBA staff.