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IMBA's Resource For Bike Cooperative Members

Six things your shop can do to connect with mountain bikers, improve your MTB business and support new riding areas...

Thanks for being a Bike Cooperative Member. The below information has been assembled to help you connect with mountain bikers in your region– and improve the mountain bike side of your business. If you have any questions contact: membership [at] imba [dot] com

1. TUNE IN TO YOUR REGIONS NEWS–All your store's employees may register for free regional IMBA news about MTB happenings, new trails and events in your vicinity. You can use this news to engage your customers on your website, the sales floor and beyond.

2. CONNECT with IMBA Chapters in your state and your IMBA Regional Director to help guide your store's involvement and engage with local mountain bike communities and projects. If questions arise about opportunities or threats in your area, contact your IMBA regional director or NEMBA in New England (NEMBA is an IMBA affiliate).

3. LEARN the steps and process to trail and bike park development. New trails don't happen overnight, but your shop can be a force for sustainable trails and local bike park development.

4. CONTACT IMBA's membership manager Joshua Lawton, for co-branded marketing materials for your customers and to help make your store a hub for mountain biking at membership [at] imba [dot] com

5. DISPLAY A MAP Use the MTB Project widget on your website to help customers find nearby trails. If you don't see trails near you, join our community of contributors to MTB Project. We have instructional videos on how to use MTB Project on our Vimeo channel.

6. BE VISIBLE to IMBA's 80,000 supporters. Display the IMBA logo or banners on your website or at the store. Logos and graphics for download are available here. You may also want to become an IMBA Retailer Member and take advantage of membership benefits.

7. KNOW TRAIL SOLUTIONS If your community needs professional consulting on a trail project or bike park, contact IMBA Director of Consulting Services, chris [dot] kehmeier [at] imba [dot] com (Chris Kehmeier).

Where Do Trails (and Bike Parks) Come From? (PDF documents linked):