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Why Certify with IMBA?

  • IMBA is already the established world leader in mountain bike advocacy and education, with a 25-year history of delivering innovative and successful programs and resources.
  • The IMBA brand is recognized by mountain bikers around the globe and establishes credibility with government agencies, potential partners and sponsors, land managers and potential customers, both within and beyond the bicycle industry.
  • With members in all 50 U.S. states, every Canadian province and 30 countries worldwide, IMBA is geographically well-positioned to establish an international standard in mountain bike instructor certification and to create a visible and accessible network of instructors.
  • Certification via IMBA will connect you to a worldwide network of passionate, enthusiastic and active mountain bikers.

Who Should Get Certified?

  • Members of an IMBA chapter or club who want to be able to teach other riders mountain bike skills or simply lead excellent group rides with confidence. Offering skills clinics is a great way to attract new members and provide value to existing ones.
  • If you want to run your own mountain bike guide business or get paid to offer MTB skills clinics, showing a professional certification from the worldwide leader in mountain bike advocacy reassures clients.
  • If you run a bike shop, gear store, summer camp or city recreation program and you want to offer bike skills clinics, send your employees and seasonal workers to get certified, just like you would want your whitewater rafting teachers, lifeguards and others to be professionally certified.

"Why certify? Faster progression for students, easier detection of errors, the ability to give effective corrections and continuity with other instructors when coaching. IMBA ICP certification puts you on a professional level that is readily noticed by your students and other coaches." —  ICP Instructor Trainer

What are the Benefits of Getting an IMBA ICP Certification?

  • Assure the public and your clients that you have a minimum level of core competency that was taught to you by certified professionals
  • Open up the opportunity for ongoing professional development
  • Advance your own abilities with regard to both riding and teaching
  • Learn from experts and professional riders
  • Be able to bring the training back to your chapter or club and provide more benefit to your members
  • Use mountain bike skills programs to advertise your organization and recruit new members


"I've been mountain biking for 15 years but because I was self-taught, I lacked the structure and language necessary to effectively communicate and demonstrate basic MTB skills.  In two-and-a-half days, the IMBA ICP course gave me the processes, language, techniques and confidence needed to efficiently and effectively pass along my skills and knowledge to others" - ICP Level 1 Graduate
Increase your personal skills sets in both riding and instruction
Obtain a certification from a reputable international organization
Learn from experts and professional riders
Be able to bring the training back to your chapter or club and provide more benefit to your members
Use programs as a method to recruit new members to your oranization
Increase your groups ability to provide quality programming and support to land managers and partners
Host fun and educational events for all ages that get more people on bikes
Most of All, have fun!Increase your personal skills sets in both riding and instructi