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"I've been successfully teaching MTB skills clinics for about a year, but when I heard about the ICP course I jumped on it. I wanted the IMBA-certified Instructor credential so that prospective clients would know that I've had specific training from the leader in the industry. Taking the ICP course I learned their standard teaching methods and it gave me more skills progressions which means that my clients may learn the skills even quicker. And now, when I have a big clinic and need help from another instructor, I know that anyone with this certification will be on the same page as me and can fill in without a big learning curve. Taking the course also reinforced my belief that most mountain bikers are really cool people!"

— Margie Bowen | Fitness, Nutrition & USA Cycling Coach
Fit To The Core

"We were consistently seeing minor accidents and injuries for participants in the mountain biking course at our Camp. Looking to help our staff create a safer, more professional environment, we sought help from IMBA. Through their Instructor Certification Program, our staff learned how to properly judge trails, teach riding skills, and lead safe rides for our guests and campers. I would highly recommend their training courses for any summer camp staff leading and teaching mountain biking."

— Billy Rankin | Senior Program Director
Capital District YMCA, Camp Chingachgook on Lake George

"I want to say the class was excellent! This class has given me the confidence to put into words what I have taken for granted - riding bikes. As an experienced bike fitter and someone who teaches a bit of cycling in my fit sessions this gave me so much more insight and practical practice. And as a 20 year rider / racer of kinds it has taught me some valuable basics. This past weekend gave me the opportunity to show off my skills as I helped out with some clinics during our WYDAHO MTB Festival. We have also launched a touring business this past year and this class will give me more tools for the instruction tool bag as well as great credibility with IMBA. Again, nice job to all involved with this program!"

— Jay Petervary | Fit Guru & Touring Specialist
Fitzgerald Bicycles

"The ICP course has been the most motivating investment I have ever made. We are so excited to get started!"

— Mike Thompson | Shop Manager
Auburn Bike Works

"I have over $10,000 invested in mountain bikes, who knows how much more in accessories, and this is the best money I've spent on the sport!"

— Adam Heagy | Retail & Service Manager
Oconee Outfitters