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Recertification - Level 2

Length: 8 Hours (1 day)

Cost:  $185 (includes current manual and course docs)

What: Expect a full day of training & testing for expiring ICP Level 2 certified instructors.  This instructor recertification course includes our most current materials such as updated key teaching points, static holds, demonstrations and progressions.

Why:  All ICP Level 2 instructors are required to recertify in-person every four years. Recertification is essential for maintaining a level of quality and standards among all ICP certified instructors.  IMBA ICP protocols such as recertification make this a leading training program that provides maximal credential value to instructors. Stay current with ICP training methods and maintain your esteemed certification!

When: Check our current schedule of events or request a recertification course in your area.

How To Prepare:  A current Level 2 pre-course packet containing the most current manual will be mailed 6-8 weeks prior to your event.  Read the manual and complete the pre-course documents. 


VIEW LEVEL 2 INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS & DOCUMENTS (must be current & logged in)

We strongly suggest you practice teaching and demonstrating the Level 2 skills using video analysis. 

Our Expectations:  At this stage we expect to see that as a rider you have mastered the Fundamental Elements and can demonstrate and teach ANY of the Level 2 skills on your first attempt along with proper error detection and correction using positive critique. We will expect that you are comfortable and fluent with all current key words and teachnig points along with proper demonstrations and progressions performed using PLATFORM/FLAT PEDALS. 

Ideally you have been instructing riders, friends, clients, etc. for the past four years or more.  If not, we strongly recommend that you offer some clinics in order to sharpen your abilities in these areas.

You will be tested on the following:

  • Fundamental Elements
  • Slow Speed Skills
  • Climbing and Descending Skills
  • Wheel Lifts
  • Cornering
  • Skill Description  
  • Teaching Points
  • Demonstrations
  • Group Management
  • Observations & Corrections
  • Progressions
  • 3-Phase vs. 5-Phase Skills
  • Communication
  • Leadership & Professional Conduct