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Instructor Certification Program FAQ

Q: What are the minimum and maximum number of course participants?

A: For Level 1 courses, a minimum of five, maximum of seven. For Level 2 and 3 courses, a minimum of five, maximum of six. All courses can be doubled in size if there is enough interest and if a second IMBA Instructor Trainer is available. If the registration numbers fall between eight and ten, only the first six (or seven, for L1) registrants will be accepted into the course.

Q: What is the minimum number of interested participants I need in order to request a course?

A: You can request a course with only one person, but requests that have higher numbers of interested participants are more likely to be considered. If an online course request is submitted, you will receive notice of any ICP courses coming to your region.

Q: Do I get a discount if I host a course?

A: Currently there are no discounts for hosting an ICP course. We do offer a group rate that is based on six participants and discounts the course fees by about 10 percent. Arrangements can be made for a "closed course" with a group rate that requires 50 percent of the total fees 60 days in advance. For more details, or to inquire about a private course, contact tammy [at] imba [dot] com.

Q: How long is my certification good for and how do I recertify?

A: Certification is good for one year after your initial certification date. Annual dues are required to stay current. Once you reach the four-year mark from your initial certification date, an in-person course must be taken to keep your status as a certified instructor or guide current.

Q: I was certified through the IMIC. How does recertification work for me?

A: IMBA acquired the IMIC in January 2013 and grandfathered all certified instructors and ride guides into the ICP. Everyone was given a January 1, 2013, start date regardless of their date with the IMIC. Annual dues plus in-person courses every four years are applicable to everyone.

Q: What if I'm unable to pay my ICP dues, but don't want to lose my status?

A: If annual dues are not paid at your expiration date, you will no longer be current as an ICP instructor or guide and will be uneligible for any ICP benefits. If you lapse for more than a year from your original expriation date, you will be required to take an in-person course to regain status.

Q: When I try logging onto to pay my dues, I see an "access denied" message.

A: Try logging in using the email address at which you receive IMBA messages. If you still have trouble, send an email to icp [at] imba [dot] com.

Q: I don’t need the Ride Guide certification and am an experienced rider.  Do I have to take the ICP Level 1 course?

A: The Level 1 course is indeed a pre-requisite for the Level 2.  Among many things, it enables us to work with you from a fundamental level and instill proper terminology, form, and knowledge while preparing you for our fast-paced Level 2 certification course.  Qualified individuals with at least 2 years experience in outdoor group management (professional guiding) or has received instruction from an ICP instructor may bypass the Level 1 course. You will be required to purchase the ICP Level 1 manual ($100) and complete a written test on the Level 1 material.  Please note that there are no refunds if you do not pass and our success rate has proved higher for those who begin with our Level 1 course.