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Course includes a classroom portion, field practice, skills analysis, strategies and methods to foster high-quality, reputable instructors.

The IMBA ICP Level 3 course offers hands-on training to prepare the students for conducting advanced level instruction. Completion of the course, in addition to passing a practical exam will qualify an individual to:

  • Provide mountain bike instruction on advanced bike handling skills
  • Assess and diagnose common errors within riders
  • Provide private or group instruction for intermediate & advanced level riders through clinics/camps/events
  • Create lesson plans specific to the rider's abilities
  • Offer progressions for Level 3 maneuvers to safely improve your clientele's skill level
  • Support IMBA ICP Instructor Trainers at clinics/camps/events
* All registrations for Level 3 courses will be reviewed and must be confirmed by an IMBA ICP employee.

Level 3 Pre-requisites:

  • IMBA ICP Level 2 certification
  • 100+ hours of instructional experience after Level 2 certification
  • Current First Aid and CPR certification
  • Six or more years of mountain biking experience
  • Personable individual with good communication skills and a desire to help others

Level 3 Course Skills:

  • Quarter Punch Front Wheel Lift
  • North Shore Dismount
  • High Speed Cornering (advanced progressions)
  • Trackstand
  • Steep Descending
  • Level Lift to the Side
  • Manual Front Wheel Lift
  • Rear Wheel Lift to the Side (rolling)
  • Bunny Hop
  • Drops