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Level 2: Basic Skills Instructor


Length: 3.25 days. Course will include a classroom portion, field practice, skill demonstrations, refining and analysis, instruction strategies, scenario training, proper skill progressions and much more.

Cost: $697 USD for current IMBA members. $775 USD for non IMBA members. Course prices are for U.S. events only. In some cases, course pricing may be increased due to a higher-than-average usage fee for the facility.

The IMBA ICP Level 2 course offers a review in mountain bike guiding in addition to training and testing for providing beginner to intermediate level instruction. Completion of the course, in addition to passing a practical exam and written test, will qualify an individual to:

  • Provide mountain bike instruction on basic bike handling skills
  • Lead pre-tour skill sessions for individual or group mountain bike rides
  • Provide private instruction for beginner and intermediate level riders through clinics/camps/events
  • Assess and diagnose common errors within riders
  • Create lesson plans specific to the rider's abilities
  • Offer progressions for Level 2 maneuvers to safely improve your clientele's skill level
  • Support IMBA ICP Instructor Trainers at clinics/camps/events

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Insurance: Any certified instructor who is planning to provide instruction should strongly consider purchasing an insurance policy. IMBA's instructor policy has been created specifically for the ICP to provide coverage during clinics, lessons, skills rides and other instructional events. Please go here for more information on our Instructor Insurance Policy.

Level 2 Pre-requisites:

  • Current ICP Level 1 Certification
  • 20 hours experience assisting or leading a MTB skills clinic or instructional ride
  • Proficiency at performing the riding skills you will learn to teach: Watch a brief video of the bike skills covered
  • Current Basic First Aid certificate
  • Current CPR certificate
  • Five years or more of mountain biking experience
  • Personable individual with good communication skills and a desire to help others
  • Has participated in an ICP instructor-led skills clinic (highly recommended, but not required)
  • Ability to perform basic trailside repairs (flats, chain breaks, shifting adjustments)
  • Ability to confidently demonstrate and master all basic level skills
  • Open minded towards new teaching techniques and terminology

Level 2 Course Topics:

  • Guiding review
  • Skills analysis
  • Effective teaching
  • Error detection and correction
  • Skill progressions
  • Creating teaching plans

Level 2 Course Skills:

  • Neutral & Ready Position
  • Bike/Body Separation
  • Braking
  • Shifting
  • Ratcheting
  • Straight Line Riding
  • Tight Turns & Switchbacks
  • Climbing and Descending Dismounts
  • Wheel Lifts
  • Roll Downs
  • Cornering