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Length: 3.25 days. Course includes a classroom portion, field practice, skill demonstrations, refining and analysis, instruction strategies, scenario training, proper skill progressions and much more.

Cost: $675 USD for current IMBA members. $750 USD for non IMBA members. Course prices are for U.S. events only.
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The IMBA ICP Level 2 course offers a review in mountain bike guiding in addition to training and testing for providing beginner to intermediate level instruction. Completion of the course, in addition to passing a practical exam and written test, will qualify an individual to:

  • Provide private or group instruction for beginner and intermediate level riders through clinics/camps/events
  • Assess and diagnose common errors within riders
  • Create lesson plans specific to the rider's abilities
  • Be an effective instructor to a variety of learning styles
  • Offer progressions for Level 2 maneuvers to safely improve your clientele's skill level
  • Teach in conjunction with other ICP certified instructors at clinics/camps/events

Level 2 Pre-requisites:

  • Current ICP Level 1 Certification
  • 40 hours experience assisting or leading a MTB skills clinic or instructional ride
  • Meet or exceed our ICP LEVEL 2 RIDING STANDARDS
  • Proficiency at performing the riding skills you will learn to teach: Watch a brief video of the bike skills covered
  • Current Basic First Aid & CPR certification required (WFA certification recommended)
  • Five years or more of mountain biking experience
  • Personable individual with good communication skills and a desire to help others
  • Has participated in an ICP instructor-led skills clinic (highly recommended, but not required)
  • Ability to perform basic trailside repairs (flats, chain breaks, shifting adjustments)
  • Ability to confidently demonstrate and master all basic level skills on flat pedals
  • Open minded towards new teaching techniques and terminology

Level 2 Course Topics:

  • Guiding review
  • Skills analysis
  • Effective teaching
  • Error detection and correction
  • Skill progressions
  • Creating teaching plans

Level 2 Course Skills:

  • Neutral & Ready Position
  • Bike/Body Separation
  • Braking
  • Shifting
  • Ratcheting
  • Straight Line Riding
  • Trackstand
  • Tight Turns & Switchbacks
  • Climbing & Descending
  • Climbing and Descending Dismounts & Restarts
  • Wheel Lifts
  • Roll Downs
  • Cornering