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The ICP will be continually enhancing the benefits package, so check back often.

If your company has a product or service you'd like to make available to the ICP, contact icp [at] imba [dot] com. Benefit partners are required to be an active IMBA Corporate Member.

As a current ICP Instructor or Guide, you are invited to register for pro deal discounts on bike and outdoor gear at
Because riders like you influence the future of mountain biking, over 300 brands including Fox Head, Diamondback, Native Eyewear and Honey Stinger—are offering you access to their products at wholesale prices. Your ICP status must be current to qualify for this benefit.


Online Directory Listing

All current ICP Instructors and Guides are listed on's ICP directory.  Your name, certification level, location and website are listed. Anyone with a current certification is searchable by city or state/province.  Event planners, individual riders, clubs, etc. can easily find a certified instructor near them.
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ICP Gear & Manuals

The ICP has made significant improvements with the curriculum since acquired in 2013.  Revised manuals are available for those current at Level 1 or Level 2 with regard to the level you are certified at.

ICP branded gear such as jerseys, patches and packs can be purchased through the ICP portion of our IMBA store.


ICP Resources 

It's not always easy to remember where you put your course handouts.  We want you to have access to those course materials once you're out in the field putting what you learned to practice! 

Additional resources and videos - coming soon!