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Government Affairs

IMBA's U.S.-based Government Affairs department maintains relations with the federal, state and local governmental agencies that interesect with mountain bikers' interests. This IMBA department frequently works in Washington, D.C. with federal land managing agencies, and with national groups that have similar interests in influencing public policies. At the state and local levels, we support the work of IMBA's regional and local mountain bike groups.

Every spring, this department leads mountain bikers to Washington, D.C. for the National Bike Summit.

The Government Affairs department also drives IMBA's efforts to enhance land access and protection.

In 2010, IMBA announced a major investment in the Public Lands Initiative (PLI). The PLI offers new resources to promote a bicycle-friendly approach to public lands. The strategic elements of the PLI campaign include:

  • Identify high-priority trails across the nation and keep them open to mountain bikes
  • Provide professional training sessions, enhanced communication tools and facilitated negotiations with stakeholder groups
  • Track management plans and promote pro-bicycle policies at the local, state and federal levels
  • Champion public land protection campaigns to protect our trails from development and resource extraction and preserve continued bicycle use
  • Build and strengthen multi-user outdoor recreation coalitions
  • Unite the bicycle industry, retailers and IMBA clubs behind key land protection campaigns