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Galena Grinder

Sun Valley, ID

The Grinder was conceived in 1988 for a NORBA National course, the race was won that year by John Tomac. Rugged and challenging, the original course was never revisited by a major organized event and largely overlooked by the MTB community until the Blaine County Recreation District took initiative to improve three years ago to improve and modernize the trail experience. While the classic "grinder" climb remains untouched, nearly every inch of trail surrounding the iconic Galena Lodge has been brought to spec with stacked loops, packed berms and undulating pump features. 2018 would be the 30th anniversary of the Galena Grinder, we think this new trail system is remarkable and epic especially given the regional turmoil over public lands in the Boulder - White Clouds. This is a positive story that can shed light on the good work being done in the region and put the Wilderness loss in perspective.

Within minutes of Galena Lodge you begin to see the scale of the mountains surrounding you. Even in mid-August the creeks are running and Wildflowers are blooming. To the North and East you're surrounded by avalanche country, the landscape is permanently mark by winter slides. Wooded sections of trail are vibrant and alive.

The trail provides a mix of IMBA grade stacked loop near the lodge, lively and fast there are few surprises except the speed you'll carry. The more rugged backcountry portion of the Grinder are loose and steep, a challenge for any rider to "clean".

At just over 3k ft of climbing the Grinder will challenge anyone. Much of the trail is 6% grade, but some sections are as steep as 10% for 15 minute durations. Balance and endurance are needed to enjoy this route.