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Friday Schedule—Nov. 11, 2016

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7:00 am - 12:00 pm Check-in / Registration      Presented by The Walmart Museum 

 21C Museum Hotel

7:00 am - 8:00 am Grab & Go Breakfast / Networking              


7:30 am - 5:00 pm Child Care  Presented by Arvest

(available for guests of the 21C Museum Hotel only)

Complete the child care form and email to Holly Fisher

 Bentonville Visitor Center
8:00 am - 9:00 am Break Out Session V  

A. Going Mobile & Tracking Impact- The Volunteering App Unveiled

Volunteer management is hard work. Be the first to have an in-depth look at the new UNSELF technology that makes this work easier and more personal. The app creators will discuss volunteer management challenges (e.g. tracking and day-of stressors), solutions, and near-term direction. Come for an interactive presentation, followed by Q&A.

Presenters: Dominique KunMike Pritchard


B. The Nexus of Economic Development and Advocacy                                                   

Mountain bike advocates often point to the positive economic impact of natural resource development when seeking funding support for trail projects. Is there truly a proven connection between natural resource development and tourism revenue? Learn what this connection looks like in different venues today, key trail system attributes that may affect this relationship, and tools to harness this economic impact power when building your next trail project.  

Panelists: Scott BrickerLuis BenitezJoe David RiceBen Davis                                     Moderator: Eric Melson

Meteor Theater

C. Tackling Bias to Attract Diverse Customers, Participants, Volunteers, & Staff   

Presented by THRIVE                                       

In this interactive workshop, we will help you uncover your blindspots and hidden biases that prevent you and your organization from reaching a more diverse demographic and creating more inclusive experiences for all riders. Whether you are selling bikes, advocating for trails, or providing programming, you will leave with specific tools to help you tackle bias, build a more inclusive organization, and foster more culturally relevant mountain biking experiences.

Presenter: Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin

 Walmart Museum

D. How to Host Advanced Trail Building Workshops                                                               

This presentation will explore how to effectively plan trail building workshops for volunteers and land managers looking to incorporate technical bike optimized features, such as berms, rock armoring, lifted and tilted trails into a network. Presenters will showcase past examples of advanced trail building schools in order to highlight what prior planning is necessary, how a workshop should flow, the types of features that have been built, and what volume of finished product to expect.

Presenters: Shane WilsonJoey KleinMark McClurePeter Prince

 Arvest Center

E. Bureau of Land Management: National Mountain Bike Action Plan Update 

The BLM is developing new tools to better plan, design and manage mountain biking to account for changing public demands, advances in mountain bike technology, evolving trail planning, design and construction techniques, and the re-positioning of the national BLM recreation strategy to more effectively work with partners and the communities they serve to provide world-class riding areas. Recreation staff from the BLM will be joined by national partners to highlight several key components of their national mountain bike action plan including newly developed interactive mountain bike maps for the Bureau's top 20 riding destinations and an in-depth discussion on the Bureau's new experience-based mountain bike trail planning and design guidelines that were developed through a collaborative partnership with the IMBA Trail Solutions team.

Presenters: Zach JarrettMike Repyak

21C Museum Gallery 1

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Pumping, Jumping and Berms 101                                                   (ICP Course- separate registration/fee)

 Bentonville Trails

9:00 am - 11:00 am NICA Teen Trail Corps (Youth Trail Work)                                   

Presented by Specialized

Youth attending the Summit as well as local youth engage in trail work led by NICA and local IMBA chapter leaders. Bring your working clothes and follow the Crystal Bridge path from Compton Gardens to Rocking Horse Trail Head at the intersection of NE A St & NE Cub Circle (less than a mile walk, ride, or drive). Look for the corner gravel lot with an IMBA tent to dig into fun.

 Compton Gardens
9:30 am - 10:30 am Break Out Session VI         

A. My Greatest Disability is My Mind

In the summer of 2012, Jeremy became the first paraplegic to climb and descend a major ski route in the Eastern Sierras and, in this presentation, recounts the pitfalls and triumphs of this grand adventure. He will share how he was able to overcome the obstacles in his own mind and how this can relate to our every day lives. Hopefully you laugh and cry and leave wanting to go ride your mountain bike!

Presenter: Jeremy McGhee


B. Funding Your Trail Project

This will be a fast-paced classroom-style workshop, covering several examples of how seed funding was secured and used to leverage additional funds to complete a project. This workshop will focus on examples of funds coming from multiple, diverse sources such as grassroots events, city and county governments, federal partners, chambers of commerce and health agencies.

Presenters: Patrick Kell

 Meteor Theather

C. Industry Ambassadors- Sharing the Love of Cycling

Professional rider and LIV Ambassador Katie Holden shares the importance of industry ambassadors and explores their impact on the cycling community. Katie will showcase the success behind one of the largest growing ambassador programs in the country (LIV) that has virtually exploded to over 100 ambassadors strong across the country.

Presenter: Katie Holden


D. Sailing the Social Seas—Navigating Social Media and Online Marketing

The maze of digital media marketing is complex. Learn the most effective ways to connect with your mountain bike community using social media and other online marketing platforms to make a better impact in your area. This presentation will cover what the various online platforms are, how to select the right channels for your audience and best practices for maximizing your reach.

Panelists: Paul StahlschmidtMarla JohnsonBrittany Caldwell                                    Moderator: Josh Lawton


E. eMTB Panel- the Challenges and Opportunities of an Evolving Cyclist Community

Presented by Bosch

A continued discussion from the 2014 World Summit on the rapidly growing field of electric-assist bicycles and the role of motorized vehicles on natural surface trail. This panel discussion will take an in-depth look at different approaches towards eMTB access to the natural surface trail and that potential role in the future of natural surface trails.

Panelists: Gary FisherClaudia WaskoSam BenedictLuis BenitezMorgan Lommele     Moderator: Andy Williamson

21C Musuem Gallery 1
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Break Out VII  

A. The Integration of Skill Coaching & Mental Fitness

How can mountain bikers improve their technical riding skills and build confidence for long term mountain biking enjoyment? Ryan is excited to share his methodology and philosophy for creating curriculum-based online learning that incorporates the inherent physical and mental challenges that are so common on the trail.

Presenter: Ryan Leech


B. Making the Most Out of the Volunteer Experience

Volunteerism is the lifeblood of our local movement as trail builders, advocates and donors. This presentation will cover strategies and practical tools for making the volunteer experience valuable for both sides.  

Presenters: Ernie Rodriquez, Anthony Duncan

Meteor Theather

C. Wilderness Negotiations—Tools for Success

Wilderness access can sometimes put mountain bikers and wilderness advocates on opposite sides of the negotiation table. Join us as we examine the success behind Colorado's recent wilderness negotiations and learn how joint collaboration can lead to a shared vision acceptable to both sides.

Presenters: Mike PritchardJamie MalinAaron Clark

Walmart Museum

D. The Emergence of Bikepacking

Just like thru-hiking, bikepacking is experiencing quick growth and an increased interest in off-road cycling from atypical demographics. What is bikepacking? How does one do it? What are the challenges and how is an excellent bikepacking experience created? Expert bikepackers Jocelyn Gaudi and Gabriel Amadeus bring their years of knowledge to the table from founding an all-ladies bikepacking team to guided opportunities and iconic route development. Learn about Komorebi's adventures, the development of the Oregon Timber Trail, and how you can foster bikepacking in your neck of the woods. 

Presenter: Jocelyn GaudiGabriel Amadeus

Arvest Center

E. International Tour

Thinking about planning a mountain bike trip? Think BIG and learn about the exciting trail systems that are developing across the pond. From Switzerland to China, mountain biking is virtually exploding around the globe and offers unique opportunities to experience singletrack in a whole new atmosphere.

Presenters: Joey KleinKatie HoldenMark McClureMark Torsius                                         Moderator: Patrick Kell

21C Museum Gallery 1

12:00 pm - 6:00 pm The Railyard Expo / Demo Bikes     Presented by SRAM

Food trucks available at The Railyard Bike Park (lunch on your own). 

 The Railyard Bike Park

12:15 pm 1st Railyard Shuttles Depart to Railyard      Presented by Visit Rogers

1:45 pm 2nd Railyard Shuttles Depart to Railyard

The first round of shuttles depart from Bentonville to Rogers (bike transportation available). Sign up on-site during check-in for your choice of shuttle times. 

 Bentonville Parks & Rec

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Chapter Congress Voting     Presented by Shimano

Chapters have the opportunity to send one representative to this congress covering important policy voting. A special shuttle to the Railyard will be ready for you at the conclusion of the congress. 

1:30 PM Lake Atalanta Group Ride Departs

Join us for a led/swept loop around the Lake!

The Railyard

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm City of Rogers Hog Roast

Join us for a happy hour beer and free samples across the street at the Farmer's Market!

Roger's Farmer Market

2:45 PM Lake Atalanta Group Ride Departs

Join us for a led/swept loop around the Lake!

The Railyard

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Showcase with Danny McAskill, Hans Rey, and Ryan Leech           Presented by Walton Family Foundation

The Railyard

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Youth Skills Clinic Presented by Specialized

The Railyard

5:15 pm - Return Shuttle Departs     Presented by Visit Rogers

Make sure to sign up for a return shuttle when you check-in onsite to ensure your return ride. 

 The Railyard

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Night Ride at Lake Atalanta      Presented by Light & Motion

Post Ride Beer Hosted by GPP Cycling

A special shuttle will be available with bike transportation after the night ride back to Bentonville. 

 The Railyard

6:30 pm - Return Shuttle Departs   Presented by Visit Rogers

Make sure to sign up for a return shuttle when you check-in onsite to ensure your return ride. 

 The Railyard

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Meet & Greet with Danny MacAskill,  Hans Rey, & Ryan Leech                      Presented by Walton Family Foundation

Beer Provided by Bike Rack Brewing


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