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Trail Building Survey

IMBA's mission is to build new mountain bike trails for you to enjoy.

The Trail Building Fund sets aside money to pay for these facilities.

What types of trails would you like to see built?


Located in remote areas on public lands like state and national forests or national parks. Features include many miles of remote singletrack that inspires a sense of adventure.

Located along travel corridors within easy driving distance from population centers. Trails may be machine and/or handbuilt on city or county land, and in forests. They blend natural features with purpose-built ones like bermed turns and rock gardens.

Recreation trails are relatively short and often link urban/suburban areas to more challenging cross country singletrack. They are highly suitable for shared use with other trail users such as dog walkers, equestrians, hikers and trailrunners.

Bike parks are typically built on municipal land in easily accessible urban areas. They feature dirt jumps, features such as wooden ladders, walls and skinnies, skills areas and pump tracks.

Ride Centers feature elements of long singletrack, gravity trails and bike parks. These large-scale mountain bike facilities offer something for every rider. Trails range from backcountry adventures to shuttle-served gravity trails, and from expert-only to family-friendly.

Mountain bike-specific trails designed to be ridden on long-travel bikes. These often require lift-access or a vehicle shuttle to get to the top. May include a variety of grade reversals, steep designs.

Freeriding features can be incorporated into all trail types and designs. They often exist as optional lines for more advanced trail riders who seek out drop-offs, ledges, elevated bridges and larger jumps, and wall rides.