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IMBA Volunteer Stewardship Survey

IMBA's chapters do amazing stewardship work to support the mountain biking and trails community.

Help us quantify this important work by completing this quick survey. To be considered, you must submit this survey before 12 midnight MST on April 30, 2015.

This information will be used in reports to partners, land managers at the local, state and federal levels and other stakeholders. It helps us make the case that mountain bikers are great volunteer stewards on public lands.

Be sure to include details of trail days, public events with stewardship components, leadership team planning and volunteer time from the last calendar year, along with your best estimates for planned activities for the year Please submit your entry as soon as possible, the survey will close April 30, 2015.

As part of the CST Trail Builder Program, a limited supply of tires are available for randomly selected survey respondents.

Thank you for completing this important survey!
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2014 Stewardship Report
Youth volunteers (under 18yrs)
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Teaming for Trails Resources
2015 Project Plans