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CST Tire Trail Builder Program

Thank you for your interest in the CST Tire Trail Builder Program.

For several years, CST Tires has helped IMBA chapters incentivize and reward volunteers for important trail building and maintenance programs. This year, IMBA has 1,000 CST tires to distribute to IMBA chapters. Tires and/or tubes are distributed free of charge to randomly selected chapter representatives who respond to a survey that will help IMBA better understand mountain bike volunteerism in the U.S. All tires are strictly for the use of volunteers who work on IMBA chapter's trail building or maintenance projects and are not for resale. 

To apply for tires or tubes for your chapter's volunteers, a chapter representative should complete this volunteer survey before April 30.

Please submit the correct shipping address for your chapter; the address you provide will be the address that the tires ship to. Tires can not be delivered to P.O. boxes. IMBA and CST Tires cannot guarantee that your chapter will receive tires, and we cannot process requests for specific quantities, sizes or models.

IMBA will collect requests, randomly choose recipients and ship tires to the address provided on your application. A total of approximately 1,000 tires will be allotted to a random selection of survey responses. Tires ship during Spring (approximately May). Please note the following details when completing your application/survey:

  1. Incomplete surveys will not be considered and those lacking detail will go to the bottom of the pile.
  2. You may include web site links or photographs of your trail projects (optional). IMBA may use any information you provide to promote the project in IMBA newsletters and/or Facebook posts.
  3. You must confirm with your chapter's leadership that the work described will occur this year. IMBA will share details of each project with program sponsors and land management agencies. IMBA may also request future updates on the status of each project.

Please email info [at] imba [dot] com with any questions.