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Features Requirements

Features Requirements

1) The trail should contain a variety of features as listed in Appendix C - Feature Definitions. A feature should be included a minimum average of approximately one per every 30 meters of trail length.

2) 100% of the trail, including any mandatory features, should be negotiable by someone with basic mountain bicycling skills. All mandatory features must therefore be rollable, predictable, and stable.

3) The features should be designed and constructed in such a manner that they are progressive (e.g. challenge a wide range of skill levels, and encourage and reward increased skill development).

4) More advanced features can be provided as optional lines as long as they are not in the main flow of the trail.

5) Construction of features out of locally sourced materials is preferred. However, it is acceptable to import materials and/or to manipulate the topography of the landscape to create Flow Country character.

6) Features should be well-anchored to prevent shortcutting and to preserve the integrity of the trail design and surrounding landscape.

7) General feature size ranges:

a) Berms: up to 1.0 meter in height.

b) Drops: always rollable, maximum differential of 0.5 meters.

c) Jumps: always rollable, severe kicker takeoffs are discouraged, and takeoffs and landings should be angled at less than 45 degrees with a maximum height of 1.0 meters.