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Feature Diagrams - Figure 1

Basic Elements:

Berm - A berm is an insloped turn where the tread is a concave surface. As one climbs the radius of a berm the camber of the tread increases till it is near vertical at its top.

Roller - A roller is a smooth undulation in the tread with a constant curvature, like a sine wave.

Jumps - A jump is an undulation characterized by a sharp change in the curvature of the tread.

Derived Features:

Accelerator - An accelerator is a short, steeper, descending section of trail formed from a partial roller, designed to increase momentum.

Decelerator - Decelerators are the mirror of an accelerator, also formed from a partial roller, a decelerator is a short, steeper, ascending section of trail designed to decrease momentum.

Rhythm Section - A series of closely spaced Flow Country features designed to play off of one another.

Jump - Tabletop - Jump where the area between the takeoff and landing is filled with stable material.

Jump - Camelback - A variation on a tabletop jump where the center section, while rollable, is visibly lowered (as much as 0.45 meters) to increase the perceived air-height of the rider, making it a safer alternative to the gap jump.