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2006 IMBA Summit/World Mountain Bike Conference

IMBA Summit
World Mountain Bike Conference
Whistler group shot - click for a bigger image

June 20-23
Whistler, BC

2006 IMBA Summit/World Mountain Bike Conference program (pdf file 1.7 MB)

Summit Press Releases: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Summit-Inspired Resources

Building Sustainable Trails
-- Master builders offer key insights on trail design.
Building Trails in Urban Areas
-- Tips from Dutch, Canadian and U.S. experts.
Communities and Trails: Making the Connection
-- Learn what's working in Flagstaff, AZ and Park City, UT.
Creating Strong Partnerships for Trails
-- Partnerships require certain kinds of communication.
Designing a Risk Management Program for Mountain Biking
-- Based on material found in IMBA's forthcoming book, "Managing Mountain Biking".
Developing Bike Skills Parks
-- How to satisfy all levels of riders.
How to Get More Industry Involvement in Cycling Advocacy
-- How advocates can do a better job of connecting with industry leaders.
Introduction to Risk Management and Liability for Mountain Biking
-- Liability and risk management are some of the most daunting topics faced by trail managers today.
Managing Risk With Trail Design
-- Principles of trail design, construction techniques and management strategies for managing risk.
Marketing for Mountain Bike Tourism
-- How communities can increase their appeal to mountain bikers.
Reaching Out To Women Riders
-- Five tips for bringing women into the sport.
Recreation and Conservation
-- Mutual benefits of the partnership model.
Recreational Trail Use and Wildlife Movement
-- Abstract on wildlife movement in the Livingstone River Area, SW Alberta.
Successful Ski Resorts: Maximize Your Summer Season
-- Six steps in the evolution of a mountain bike resort.
Tactics for Dealing With Unauthorized Trails
-- Land managers and trail advocates discuss an important issue.
Tips for Increasing Political Acumen
-- Tips will help you and your organization become more politically savvy.
Trailbuilding Tips for Sensitive Areas
-- Archaeological sites and sensitive ecosystems deserve high standards of care.
Using Technology for the Management of Trails
-- The advent of Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping is good news for trail advocates