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A message from your Southeast Regional Director Tom Sauret

IMBA-SORBA's Annual Fund protects the trails of tomorrow...

The IMBA-SORBA 2011 Calendar – a $14.95 value!
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Dear Mountain Biker,

Thanks for your support this year — I've been happy to serve as your IMBA-SORBA regional director in 2010, working with IMBA-affiliated clubs and the fast-growing number of SORBA Chapters.

There's so much good stuff happening here — and much more to come in 2011, particularly as we add so many new supporters and partners.

IMBA-SORBA chapters are creating and expanding trails across the region, including the Lake Altoona trail in Marietta, Briar Chapel in Chapel Hill and Oak Mountain in Birmingham.

IMBA-SORBA’s policy team continues to protect mountain biking access in the Tanasi and Chillhowie trail systems where access is threatened by a potential Wilderness designation.

Statewide mountain alliances made up of advocates, bicycle retailers, industry representatives and land managers are working to assess and develop exciting mountain biking projects across the southeast.

These projects are fueled by IMBA-SORBA's Annual Fund, and there are so many others happening at SORBA’s local club level.

Please donate now. $35-plus donations earn a full-color calendar — a $14.95 value — while supplies last. Plus all donors receive 20 percent off at for the Holiday Season... and IMBA-SORBA members save an additional 10 percent!

We need to protect crucial mountain biking areas in the south. I'm working closely with Atlanta-SORBA on Chattahoochee National Recreation Area project and with North Carolina Mountain Bike Alliance to find solutions that will preserve trails.

Please support the Annual Fund— it’s tax deductible.

You are not being asked to do it alone. Your dollars will be leveraged with contributions from fellow riders around the country, unprecedented generosity from the bike industry and numerous grants from federal and state agencies.

Our goals for 2011 are simple yet challenging:

Unite the mountain bike movement by strengthening our grassroots network of chapters, affiliated clubs and their members. IMBA-SORBA is part of an international mountain biking movement that includes almost 700 affiliated clubs and plans to have at least 50 chapters by the end of 2011.

Provide truly world-class riding experiences and model trail systems nationwide, particularly “Gateway” trails in towns and cities.

Protect natural lands and open space by bolstering volunteerism and sustainable trail design.

Expand on 2010’s successes with programs like America's Great Outdoors, Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day and Team IMBA to get more riders on bikes at every level.

Best wishes for 2011, and thanks from all of us at IMBA-SORBA for your year-end gift!


Tom Sauret
Regional Director — IMBA/SORBA

P.S. Again, IMBA-SORBA has very limited calendar supplies. Contributors of $35 or more receive a full-color 2011 calendar, but only while supplies last. Don’t miss out — 2010's calendar was great but these new images are even better.