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A message from your Mid-Atlantic Regional Director Frank Maguire

IMBA's Annual Fund protects the trails of tomorrow...

The IMBA 2011 Calendar – a $14.95 value!
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Dear Mountain Biker,

There's so much good stuff happening here in the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast — it's been a year of many successes thanks to your support.

IMBA coordinated volunteers and clubs in New York and New Jersey to strengthen a growing relationship with the hiking community. This could lead to more riding opportunities throughout metropolitan New York.

We secured funding for an IMBA-designed destination trail system in the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania. In the process, IMBA protected trails from closure and started a new affiliate club in Warren, Pennsylvania.

A massive new model trail system is also being developed by IMBA and the National Park Service in New River Gorge, WV.

These projects are fueled by IMBA’s Annual Fund, and there are so many others happening at IMBA’s local club level.
We want to build and protect more, but we need your help.

Challenges loom large on the horizon too. Protecting the North Fork Mountain Trail in West Virginia, retaining access to Baltimore's Loch Raven Reservoir and permanently protecting great riding in the George Washington National Forest are all high on my agenda. If you ride in the Northeast, keeping these trails open should be important to you too.

Please donate now. $35-plus donations earn a full-color calendar — a $14.95 value — while supplies last. Plus all donors receive 20 percent off at for the Holiday Season... and members save an additional 10 percent!

You are not being asked to do it alone. Your tax-deductible gift will be leveraged with contributions from fellow riders around the country, as well as support from the bike industry and numerous grants from federal and state agencies.

Our goals for 2010 are simple yet challenging:

Unite the mountain bike movement by strengthening our grassroots network of chapters, affiliated clubs and their members. IMBA includes almost 700 affiliated clubs and plans to have at least 50 chapters by the end of 2011.

Provide truly world-class riding experiences and model trail systems nationwide, particularly “Gateway” trails in towns and cities.

Protect natural lands and open space by bolstering volunteerism and sustainable trail design.

Expand on 2010’s successes with programs like America's Great Outdoors, Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day and Team IMBA to get more riders on bikes at every level.

Best wishes for 2011, and thanks in advance for your year-end gift!


Frank Maguire
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

P.S. Again, IMBA has very limited calendar supplies. Contributors of $35 or more receive a full-color 2011 calendar, but only while supplies last. Don’t miss out — 2010's calendar was great but these new images are even better.