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Berkshire Bike Skills Park

A Project of Berkshire NEMBA
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

$ 4535.00 raised of $ 5000.00

This project is to construct the first professionally built bike skills park in the Western Massachusetts area. The 1+ acre park will include a paved pump track, youth area, jump line, cross country trail, and possibly a dual slalom in order to creatively enhance outdoor recreation in the region.

Springside Park, the approved location, is the city of Pittsfield's largest park. Although it has beautiful woods and some trails, the park is currently in disrepair and underused. There is a history of negative activity/crime within it and it abuts one of the city's low-income neighborhoods (walking distance from both a middle school and elementary school). Enhancing the park would open up healthy, safe possibilities for the residents--and youth in particular--of these neighborhoods as it is accessible without car, of high interest, and would be safe and well-constructed. With the addition of the bike park, local bike advocacy groups and programs will be able to increase their events and activities to bring positive recreation events to the community.

Springside Park is already the location of a free weekly mountain bike race series, a girls mountain bike summer camp program (Little Bellas), a practice location for the local NEHSCA youth mountain bike team, and has potential for much more activities linked with the schools and community, especially with more infrastructure in place such as the bike skills park and access enhancements (road and parking, which are proposed to be addressed as part of this project).

There is a very strong community of bike riders in the area and many people visit from surrounding states to ride trails and local downhill park options. The Bike Skills Park will add an additional attraction for people who are familiar with the area and will help bring even more recreation economy support to the region.

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