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Mybikenet is the Social Network that connects the Global Mountain Biking Community. We share a strong belief in the social nature of mountain biking, as it combines a love for the outdoors with healthy physical exertion, adrenaline-based natural highs and friendship building.

Our vision is to create a truly global MTB Network. Connecting through Mybikenet will allow the practitioners of our exciting sport to experience a borderless sense of community by: Networking with their MTB buddies, exchanging exciting MTB Trails, Events, Photos, Videos and News, with the ultimate goal of getting to know each other through sharing MTB Rides across all five continents.

You will get the most out of Mybikenet by registering and becoming an early adopter. Stay engaged as we continue to develop even more exciting features that our members are asking for such as mobile apps, GPS ride challenges, enhanced trail map features, and more.

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Morristown, New Jersey
+1 973-769-4776
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