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Marquette County Convention and Visitor's Bureau

Ask yourself a question: How much time do you spend in traffic, standing in lines, sitting on hold, waiting your turn, flipping channels? Does this make you happy? Is that your human nature? Not if you're like us, here in Marquette County, Michigan. The world around us is one we embrace every day, and the best that nature has to offer is never more than a moment away.
Welcome to Marquette County, an award winning destination with something for everyone. Proud waters, rugged landscape and forests as far as the eye can see.

Go Mountain Biking, cliff jumping, and hiking in the summer, or snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding after the snow falls. Come see for yourself why Marquette is a great place to be no matter what season. Come find your human nature in Marquette County, Michigan.

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Marquette, MI review

October 25, 2013 by pie001
User Rating:

Marquette is a great destination for mountain biking. The area has a great variety of trails from flat beginner trails to several super fun flow trail offerings to gnarly technical singletrack, all mixed with miles and miles of scenic intermediate trails.

There's also plenty to do when you get off your bike. Miles of sandy Lake Superior beaches are within city limits, there are 2 great microbreweries and another brew pub and there are typically music acts playing at local establishments most nights of the week.

There are more than 50 miles of signed and mapped trails essentially within city limits and rideable from any hotel in town. In addition there are another 30-40 miles of trails with in 20 miles that aren't as developed or easy to find but add variety and can be explored with a little information from the locals.

All 4 of the local bike shops are great sources of information, expertise and gear and stock a full line of bikes including in-stock, top of the line models.