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Cycling Camp San Diego (CCSD)

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CCSD is committed to providing its clients with the best training experience possible, with a strict emphasis on the bike. We realize that clients are spending vacation days, time, and money to explore one their life's passion, and we wish to make their experience positively memorable. CCSD was founded on the principle of a dream camp—one in which the emphasis was on cycling first. What follows from this dream is a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate each others' passion for cycling, fostering a positive experience for all.The best part? Clients, while escaping the winter, will ride many trails that even the locals do not ride, get in over 100 to 200 miles on your mountain bike, see some stunning scenery, experience some challenging and majestic climbs, and have fun doing it-—all the while, clients will be achieving the best mountain biking shape early in the year. San Diego has the perfect terrain to prep you for Leadville qualifying races and Leadville itself. All camps are designed for everyone. CCSD firmly believes that our proven riding style and training paradigm will benefit all who can handle rides of 60 miles for 5-days straight--—from the serious mountain biker to the new mountain biker that wants to learn basic skills and beyond.

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