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The trails are always better at the end of the road, so come explore Copper Harbor, Michigan at the northern tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula, at the end of US 41! Copper Harbor may not have cell service or a Walmart but what we do have is almost gold... Being an IMBA Silver Level Center, is almost gold, right?

Besides great single track, Copper Harbor is known for...
- Great fishing, have you ever eaten a Splake?
- A great brewery, the Briskside, have you ever been "Brick-faced"?
- Kayaking, have you ever eskimo-rolled in the cold, clean water of Lake Superior?
- ATV trails? Never mind!
- Fort Wilkens State Park, have you ever tried to stump a re-enactor?
- Bird watching, did you know that there are still "raptors" out there?
- Restaurants, are you sure you want to get me started?

So, in other words, if you want to ride and HIDE, come to Copper Harbor, Michigan, we won't tell anyone where you are!

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