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Apex Ex is comprised of the Expeditions and the Experiential divisions. Apex Expeditions provides everything adults need to be active in the Rocky Mountains: the expertise, gear, transportation, and sense of adventure. Serving locals and travelers we have both guided trips and skills courses. A few of our Clinics and Weekend trips are listed below.

Apex Experiential is a platform available to teachers dedicated to their students’ health and happiness through activity independence.

Local Clinics w/ Apex Ex

Trail Mechanics: Has your bike ever broken down while out on the trail and you have not had the tools or knowledge to continue your ride? This is a great 3hrs clinic to learn what to take and how to fix the most common bicycle related problems. Get hands on experience on how to fix a flat-tire, adjust brakes, repair a broken chain, tighten a loose headset. Gain the skills and confidence to problem solve and keep on riding. After the clinic there will be a optional group trail ride on one of the many amazing mountain trails Colorado has to offer.

Cornering and Clearing Obstacles: Want to learn how to get through those tricky switch-backs? Tired of always having to get off your bike to get over that rock or log? This 3hrs clinic will give you exercises to find balance, correct body position to wheelie and corner through your favorite trails. This 3 hour clinic will have 1 ½ of flatground drills and skills, followed by a group ride to practice your newly acquired technic.

Up & Up: Is your least favorite part of mtn. biking the accent? Do you want to find the pleasure and comfort in pedaling uphill? This 3hr clinic is designed to give you the skills and mindset to conquer climbs and find new great trails in your backyard. Primary skills addressed: how to start / restart up on up-hills, knowing your gears, going slow to go fast and technical ups. This clinic will have 1 hour of hands of drills and skills, followed by an uphill ride to find your pace, pleasure and confidence to get the top. What goes up must come down, enjoy the fruits of your labor by enjoying great single track all the way back to the trailhead.

Playing w/ Gravity: Want to find the comfort of riding downhill? or learn to ride safer and faster on the descent? This 3hr clinic will give you the confidence and knowledge to safely and successfully move downhill. Topic and skills addressed: How to use your brakes to go faster, corning, negotiating obstacles, looking ahead and reading terrain. The selected trail’s for this clinic will focus on downhill technique, with required up-hill as well.
Finding Endurance: The 3hr clinic will discuss techniques to keep you pedaling and take your riding to your next level. Discussion topics will include, cadence, calories, water, terrain selection and gear shifting. This is 3hrs clinic is designed for more advanced riders looking to improve their cardio strength. The goal of this course is for a 1hr clinic followed by a 2hr non-stop ride.

Support & Logistics:

Buffalo Creek: Pine, Colorado. Want to get out of the city for the weekend to ride some mtn biking trails? But don’t want to spend more time in the car than on your bike? Then you should sign up for Apex Ex Weekend Bike Warrior trip to Buffalo Creek! Located just an hour west of Denver, the Buffalo Creek trail system offer miles of smiles of rolling singletrack while pedaling through a diverse landscape. Enjoy a full day of riding on IMBA Epic trails, followed by fun, food and a night of camping under the stars, only to wake up the next morning and do it all over again! This fun filled weekend provides: guide, transportation, food, logistic and support.

Curt Gowdy State Park. S. Wyoming: Getting tired of crowded trails on the weekend, want to escape the city and ride some of the best unknown trails in the west? Curt Gowdy State Park is where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains and an easy two hour drive from denver. It may not look like mountain bike terrain, but hidden in the rolling hills of Laramie Wy, is some of best developed and unknown single track in the American West. This weekend mountain bike trips provides you ample time to ride the 30+ miles of IMBA Epic Trails following by a beautiful night of camping. There is riding to match all skill levels, from beginner to advanced and everyone in between.

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