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IMBA 2010 World Summit Feedback

Thanks so much for attending the 2010 IMBA World Summit. Please provide us with feedback so we can continue to improve the event. We will use your feedback to make 2012 the best IMBA World Summit yet.
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Please rate the sessions from 1-5 with 5 being the best. If you did not attend the session please indicate by selecting "Did not attend".

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Thursday Keynote - Mike Mercuri
Bike Park Maintenance
IMBA's Public Lands Initiative
Funding Trail Projects
FATS Case Study
Environmental Impacts
IMBA's Chapter Program
Youth Program:The TFK Model
Club Care
All Weather Trails
RTP Funding
Friday Keynote - Hans Rey
Bike Parks
Bike Friendly Communities
Connecting With the Bike Media
Youth Program:Elementary and Middle School
Building Partnerships
Unauthorized Trails
Bike Patrols
Working With the Bike Industry
Urban Trails
Overcoming Roadblocks
Insurance and Risk Management
High School Leagues