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Attention Mountain Bikers
Looking for a better way to get your mountain bike to your favorite trails, events or buyer? Then check us out at We are riders serving riders, and here’s what we have to offer: Industry leading bike shipping services with the cheapest rates, multiple speeds and more ways to pay, and an online store for affordable bike shipping boxes that lock in low shipping rates as well provide improved protection for your bike. We also offer bike travel insurance that covers lost registration fees, non refundable travel costs, and which provides emergency medical and evacuation coverage specifically for cyclists. Need to fly your body as well as ship your bike? Our flight engine finds the lowest priced 200 flights from nearly 800 airlines in seconds. BikeFlights helps you ride your mountain bike world wide.

New For 2012
To get your favorite (big) bike anywhere you want to go, with money left for coffee or beer, we have just rolled out huge savings on shipping larger enduro, downhill, 29ers and fat bikes
Travel services for you (and your bike) since 2009.

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