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Give to IMBA's Trail Access Fund

We need every mountain biker’s help to keep trails open, especially if you’re an IMBA member.

Hi, I’m the Director of IMBA’s Advocacy Department and my job is to keep trails open for you to mountain bike.

It’s a daunting task that affects every rider—you would be surprised how often and how close we all come to losing access to the trails you regularly enjoy.

Please complete the form below—make your donation to the Trail Access Fund.

So what is IMBA doing to protect the trails you love?

IMBA's region directors and local chapter leaders are working everyday and everywhere on federal, state and local land policies that affect every trail. 

In response to major trail losses on public lands we also developed a “policy laboratory" to confront the most challenging access issues. IMBA also leads efforts to protect essential funding for trail building and recreation on public lands—we're more effective than ever at negotiating with your congressional leaders and agencies. 

For example, the U.S. Forest Service oversees 200,000 miles of rideable trails. Your donation helps IMBA work with the agency to manage mountain bike recreation. And you can now ride in 44 national parks, with many more in the planning stages because IMBA negotiated access for you with the National Parks Service.

Won’t you give—$25, $40, $100 even $250—to the future of mountain biking and outdoor recreation? 

As a thank you, you'll receive a free gift—choose limited-edition Free the Trail socks, an IMBA Supporter's T-shirt or a jersey. Wear it with pride knowing you helped save our trails.

Mountain biking's future relies on support from every rider. Please give today and ask your friends to donate as well—help us spread the word.

Thank you in advance. My respect and gratitude goes to all our local supporters. You are improving access for everyone that rides; one dollar and one pedal stroke at a time.

Enjoy your next great ride,

Jeremy Fancher, IMBA Policy Director

P.S. Every dollar helps, and every donor receives a coupon for 20 percent off anything at the IMBA Store. IMBA members save an additional 10 percent!

Don't get locked out of your favorite mountain bike trail. Donate Now!
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