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IMBA EPICS—Long Live Long Rides!

This August at IMBA we are all about epic rides. Ride your favorite IMBA EPICS and use the #imbaepics hashtag, nominate a new route, or just get out there and go long. Our website features 37 designated IMBA EPICS, all mapped on MTB Project.

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California mountain bikers descend on the state capitol

Sometimes, mountain bikers have to trade their shorts for suits to make significant progress. It’s all part of the process to get more trails on the ground, care for the trails we have and protect our valuable public lands.

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Facing our Biggest Threats as Mountain Bikers

I have mixed emotions spinning around in my head these days about mountain biking.

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We Are All Mountain Bikers, Stronger When We Stand As One

I’m writing this to you from the kick off of the mountain biking season—Sea Otter. I can’t help but remember my first Sea Otter way back when. I don’t think I was at the first one but I’m thinking that I was at the second or third. It must have been 1992 and I’m pretty sure it was only an XC mountain bike race, and not a big one. It was just getting started.

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Mountain Bikers Coming Together and More Trails of All Kinds

Leading IMBA, the national trail advocacy organization for mountain biking, requires a diverse skillset, as the relevant topics are as varied as the trails we ride: trails, access, local, regional and national advocacy, policy, volunteers, grassroots programs, membership, donors, partners, sponsors...the list goes on. Having been in the local advocacy trenches for years as the founder and leader of Gunnison Trails helps, but the national level landscape is much more complex.

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2016 IMBA World Summit Recaps

If you were one of the 500+ folks who were able to have one of the best mountain bike and community experiences at a World Summit, thank you for coming! If you missed out on one of the best mountain bike tribe gatherings ever, have a read over these links to get a vibe for what you may have missed. There were several media outlets covering various insights and reviews of the 2016 IMBA World Summit in Bentonville, Ark., earlier this month. 

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Road Trip! - Ride Center Edition

What's the best way experience the power of community and the great work IMBA chapters are doing? Ride! Your! Bike! Some IMBA staff did just that—hitting six Midwest Ride Centers in ten days.

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Great Midwest Road Trip 2016

Road trips and summer are synonymous and this July I embarked on my own Midwest summer road trip. The timing of the trip happened to intertwine with the catastrophic summer storms impacting Minnesota and Wisconsin chapters, limiting the riding, yet showcasing the strong communities (mountain bikers and beyond) in the Midwest. Given we were presenting trail building schools on this tour as part of the TCC offerings, I cajoled my husband Ken to join me as a volunteer for IMBA.

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Creating Win-Wins: Collaborative Efforts for Trails in Northern Michigan

On a pleasantly warm and breezy evening in June, members of the Grand Traverse Hiking Club chapter of the North Country Trail Association (GTHC) joined members of the Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Association (NMMBA) to clean up a section of the North Country National Scenic Trail (NCT) near the Dollar Lake trailhead just southeast of Traverse City.

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Rocky Mountain High

The Town of Breckenridge resides at 9,600’, but if you ride any of the trails in the surrounding hills you will find yourself much higher, in elevation AND on stoke. With short summer seasons, the Town of Breck works hard every year to develop and maintain an impressive local trail network, further cementing it as a four season recreational paradise. But, as the town and trail network grows, so do the needs of the local land managers to recruit and train volunteers on proper trail maintenance and building practices. Queue the Trail Care Crew.

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