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2017 IMBA Advocacy Successes

2017 was an impressive year for our small-but-mighty advocacy team. Aaron and Eric, supported by other staff, lent their expertise and time to national and local efforts across the country. As a result, bike access was both maintained and restored, and new opportunities for even more riding opened up. 

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Southwest Land Plans Need Input from Mountain Bikers

IMBA is involved in many federal planning processes in the southwestern region, three of which have upcoming comment period deadlines. This means mountain bikers can speak up as volunteer advocates and give input to see more and better mountain bike trails. When mountain bikers are engaged throughout these planning processes, we see success in creating, enhancing and protecting great places to ride. (Above photo by Leslie Kehmeier: Caliente, Nevada)


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Answering Your Questions on Bikes in Wilderness

Dear mountain bikers,

This past week, IMBA took a stand that was unpopular with many mountain bikers when we submitted written testimony stating that we do not support HR 1349, a bill that would amend the Wilderness Act by reversing the ban on bicycles.

We’d like to discuss this further with our members and the mountain biking community.

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How IMBA and the Local Chapter Protected Trails For Monterey and Sea Otter

How IMBA and the local chapter protected places to ride in the Fort Ord National Monument

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IMBA’s 2016 Access and Advocacy Work

A quick summary of each of the many initiatives IMBA's Government Relations team have spearheaded this year. Thank you for your support of our valuble work to create, enhance and preserve great places to ride!


Access/Land Protection Campaigns

Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Proposal—Montana

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Negotiating Wilderness Boundaries To Save Montana Trails

IMBA just served an ace in Montana.

Working with local IMBA chapter MTB Missoula and statewide members, IMBA successfully negotiated creating a 3,000-acre National Recreation Area companion designation in place of a wilderness proposal that threatened 30 miles of valuable trail. The model of compromise and collaboration truly does work.

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Shrinking National Monuments: An Unprecedented Attack on Our Public Lands

On December 4, President Trump announced a drastic—and possibly illegal—attack on national monuments in southern Utah. The changes will eliminate 84% of Bears Ears National Monument and remove about half of Grand-Staircase Escalante National Monument.

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IMBA Updates eMTB Position Statement

The topic of electric mountain bike (eMTB) access to non-motorized trails is increasingly dominating the conversations of mountain bikers, land managers, trail users, the bicycle industry and others. IMBA recognizes this as a complex issue encompassing mountain biking culture, the access landscape and the passions and experiences of different trail users. All sides have valid, logical and emotional arguments to make and IMBA is listening. We have wrestled with the eMTB issue at considerable length and will continue to do so as the landscape evolves.

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Another No Good, Very Bad Public Lands Bill

The House Natural Resources Committee voted 23-17 yesterday to advance H.R. 3990, a bill deceptively named the “National Monument Creation and Protection Act.”


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August 24th National Monument Review Announcement

UPDATE, August 24: Today, Secretary Zinke said he would recommend shrinking “a handful” of National Monuments.

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